We Creative Quality Project.

IT Network Consultant

Kami adalah konsultan IT yang memusatkan diri dalam pengembangan Network Komputer

Project Management

Pengembangan Management Project secara profesional dan efisien

Managed Service

ICT yang di kelola, memberikan kenyaman dalam kinerja perusahan anda

Our work

Beberapa Project yang telah kami lakukan antara lain seperti IT & Fiber Optic Project

Why Choose Us?

We're Business Solutions Experts

At Corporate Network Services, we know business technology inside and out. If you have a problem with your technology, your network, or a device that works with your network, we can address it. And because we know so much about so many aspects of technology, you can enjoy the convenience of having a single trusted resource that can handle all your technology needs.

We Give You One Place To Call

At Corporate Network Services, we understand the correlation between productivity and profitability. We know that if any of your mission critical technology services aren’t working – then you can’t do business. Turn to us to manage those for you. Internet Service, E-Mail Service, Server, Desktop and Peripheral Service. Having one place to call resolves your issues quickly and efficiently.

We balance speed and performance

We know. Your technology system is your business’ lifeline. You use it to work. You use it to communicate with customers. You use it to store irreplaceable data. So when your technology isn’t working, you need it fixed FAST! That’s why Corporate Network Services has a staff of Engineers that are committed to providing service 7 days a week. Trust your technology needs to us and you’ll have the solution you need, faster than you thought possible.

We Get To Know Your Business And Anticipate Your Needs

At Corporate Network Services we get to know our clients and their needs, so we can make recommendations that will save you money, save you time, and head off headaches. It’s like the difference between going to an Urgent Care clinic that will take care of a single health problem and going to your family doctor, who knows you and knows when things just aren’t right, sometimes even before you do. Our goal is to keep your technology systems healthy and functioning at optimum levels.

Our principle